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M92 Insurance Course Online

Build a successful career in insurance by completing your DIP CII with the support of a M92 online insurance course from Empower Development. This unit aims to develop your knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of the Insurance business and finance practice.

The M92 or the Insurance Business and Finance course is one of the key topics covered by CII exams. By enrolling in our online course, you’re one step closer to a promising career in insurance.

Insurance Business and Finance (M92): An Overview

The M92 course focuses on developing the knowledge and understanding of the core principles and practices of business and finance in the insurance industry. It tackles financial accounting and how it relates to the other facets of business. It also looks at how different aspects of these principles and practices affect insurance companies.

This course is perfect for people looking to build their insurance careers or those looking to working in supporting roles for the industry.

The M92 course can help one get a Diploma in Insurance. Before taking this course, the participant is expected to have successfully completed their Cert CII including the Insurance, Legal and Regulatory or IF1 examinations or other equivalent courses.

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Empower Development makes it easier for anyone who is aiming to develop their skills and knowledge of the insurance industry. We offer digestible revision through our on-demand courses available to access anytime anywhere as well as our 90-minute sessions that you can book now through our hassle-free website. Feel free to access them through our Courses page, where you can sign up for classes and explore our range of other technical and CII exam preparation courses.

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