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Our CII Credit Calculator tool can help you to plan out your route to ACII by calculating required credits and compulsory modules.

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CII Workbook

This tool is designed to help you to plan out your route to ACII by calculating required credits and compulsory modules.

Check the boxes next to the modules you have taken or plan to take to find out what is required to attain your Cert CII, Dip CII and ACII.

We make every effort to keep the accuracy of this spreadsheet up to date however as the CII framework does occasionally change, therefore we recommend you check your calculated credits against the CII website prior to making any bookings.


IF1 or LM1 and LM2 as complusory unit, you will not be awarded points for both. 40 credits at certificate of above.


Total credits: 0

Certificate incomplete


M05 as a compulsory unit as well as M92 or 530. 90 credits at diploma or above.


Total credits: 0

Diploma incomplete

Advanced Diploma

820, 930 or 960 as complusory unit. 290 credits, 150 at advanced diploma, 205 at diploma level or above.


Total credits: 0

Advanced Diploma incomplete

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