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We help you achieve your training and certification goals, in a stress-free environment that puts you in the driver’s seat. Our insurance courses link learning objectives with real-life scenarios, to help you recall, retain, and then apply your learning throughout your career.

Our expert trainers are backed by decades of insurance experience, allowing us to meet you where you’re at in your career, and help you get to the next level.

We work with individuals and organisations providing everything from CII revision courses, one-to-one coaching, and team-building events, to technical and soft skills training.

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A Free Guide to the World of Insurance

Dive into insurance with Your Free Insurance Starter Kit, your gateway to mastering the basics. Expertly curated by Empower Development’s founder and Managing Director, Samantha Ridgewell, this course breaks down complex insurance concepts into bite-sized, digestible modules.

Begin with ‘Insurance 101’ to grasp the core principles, unravel industry jargon with ‘Decoding MRC’ and ‘Insurance Glossaries’. Expand your horizon with ‘Insurance Networking Groups’, gain insights through ‘CII Resources’ and engaging podcasts.

Ready to step into the insurance world with confidence? Discover Your Free Insurance Starter Kit now and embark on your insurance learning journey today!

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Empower Talks is the podcast where we discuss insurance careers with professionals from across the industry brought to you by Empower Development.