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Empower Development offers to support insurance professionals develop and progress in their careers.

A key area of development is insurance knowledge and technical understanding which is supported and evidenced through the completion of CII qualifications. CII exams are run by the Chartered Insurance Institute, an internationally recognised organisation whose certification is sought after by both new entrants and industry professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Our LM1 Online Revision Course is one of the most critical parts of the CII exam. It tackles the ins and outs of the London insurance market and is ideal for anyone who is starting their career in support roles in the insurance industry.

London Market Insurance Essentials

For those starting their careers in the London area, the LM1 Online Revision Course is a wise unit choice. It gives participants the grounding they need to better understand the workings of the market.

The course can also be a standalone course for those considering a support role in the insurance industry. Whether they want to begin their careers as part of the human resources department or the finance team.

The unit can also serve as the initial stage of a more in-depth and comprehensive learning experience. This is particularly useful for those looking into landing more technical roles in the insurance industry.

LM1 is also required learning for those who want to further understand the London insurance market through LM2 (London market insurance principles and practices) and LM3 (Award in London Market Insurance).

Empower Development Advantage

If you want to learn about the London Market Insurance or any other topics covered in the CII examinations, you can browse our course offerings. Our LM1 Online Revision Course is made up of easily digestible 90-minute sessions that are insightful and useful for your CII exam. Participants will also receive an exclusive revision activity book that can further help your growth in the industry.

Enrolling in our classes is also made hassle-free using our website. You can access them through our course’s page where you can register for classes and view our range of other technical and CII exam preparation courses.

If you have questions feel free to give us a call on 07791 043 788. Sign up for the LM1 Online Revision Course today.

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