Come with me on my first business trip… AMSTERDAM! – Elisse

Arrival in Amsterdam

A couple of weeks ago, I joined Sam on my first business trip. We travelled to Amsterdam for the Money 20/20 conference as she was giving a talk. I had never been to Amsterdam before, and I was surprised at how quick the flight was, taking no longer than 45 minutes.

While waiting for our hotel rooms to be ready, we decided to take advantage of the situation and ventured into Amsterdam Central to grab dinner. The city was breathtaking with its picturesque canals, and we stumbled upon a perfect dinner spotright by the water. It was a great opportunity to catch up with Sam on a personal level, away from work-related discussions. We ended up spending a couple of hours engrossed in conversation and savouring the delicious food.

The Conference

The next day, we met in the reception at around 8:30 and made our way to the conference. We spent the morning having a walk around, exploring the various exhibits and attractions. We came across a photo booth, a robot machine, hairdressers, and much more!

Later in the morning, Sam went to prepare for her talk, and I took the opportunity to find a good seat and create content for our social channels. Her talk went well—it was interactive, insightful, and interesting.

On the Way Home

Back at the airport, we encountered an unexpected hurdle—our flight was cancelled just 30 minutes before departure. Sam’s concern grew as she had a course scheduled early the next morning in Horsham. After exploring available options, we secured a flight for the following morning and booked another hotel.

To our surprise, the new hotel turned out to be a unique experience. YotelAir, as it was called, offered small cabin rooms that were both funny and unexpected. While compact, they had everything we needed, including a UK plug socket, which proved to be quite handy.

The following morning, we headed to our gate early, around 5:45 am, hoping for a smoother journey back. Thankfully, our luck turned around, and we made it home on time. Sam made it to her training in Horsham without any further complications.

A Memorable Trip

Overall, my first business trip to Amsterdam was truly memorable. From the stunning canals and enjoyable conference activities to the unexpected challenges and unique accommodation, it was an adventure filled with ups and downs. I look forward to more travel opportunities in the future.

👇 I have included a couple of our TikToks from the business trip 👇

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