Insurance Networking & Development for Young Professionals

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Jumpstart your insurance networking

Insurance networking events can be intimidating for young professionals, especially those who are just starting out in their careers. It can be difficult to know how to start conversations and make meaningful connections with other professionals. However, networking is an essential part of career success and should not be overlooked.

Springboard is designed specifically for those in their first insurance role, offering a calendar of events to support those taking their initial networking steps.

Removing the barriers to networking, Springboard creates a friendly, relaxed and inclusive environment for its own events, whilst introducing networking opportunities available throughout the market.

❖ Free to attend for those in the first 24 months of their insurance career

❖ Monthly newsletter of relevant market events across insurance networks and networking top tips

❖ Build skills and confidence for attending networking events

Your Insurance Starter Kit

A Free Guide to the World of Insurance

Dive into insurance with Your Free Insurance Starter Kit, your gateway to mastering the basics. Expertly curated by Empower Development’s founder and Managing Director, Samantha Ridgewell, this course breaks down complex insurance concepts into bite-sized, digestible modules.

Begin with ‘Insurance 101’ to grasp the core principles, unravel industry jargon with ‘Decoding MRC’ and ‘Insurance Glossaries’. Expand your horizon with ‘Insurance Networking Groups’, gain insights through ‘CII Resources’ and engaging podcasts.

Ready to step into the insurance world with confidence? Discover Your Free Insurance Starter Kit now and embark on your insurance learning journey today!