The Front of The Journal!

Our founder, Sam Ridgewell, had been keeping the secret for weeks, waiting to catch everyone’s reactions. Now, she can finally share her excitement with the world!

In case you haven’t heard already, Sam is featured on the front cover of the latest edition of the Chartered Insurance Institute Journal, where she was interviewed about talent attraction, development, and qualifications, and her work at Empower Development.

At first, Sam thought the invitation was a mistake. But it turns out that it really is her on the front cover! In the interview, Sam discusses the power of social media and how it has helped her to attract talent to the insurance industry. She shares her insights on using TikTok as a tool for driving young professionals to consider a career in insurance. Sam has had over 3 million views on TikTok, 20,000 followers, and through the platform has influenced at least 20 people to pursue a career in insurance. In the article, Sam explains how TikTok can help impact the industry.

“I made one short video about graduates applying for jobs – that got half a million views and I gained 11,000 followers from that one video.

Since founding Empower Development nearly five years ago, Sam has modernized the industry through her use of social media and impacted insurance professionals to achieve their training and certification goals. Empower Development offers a range of tools, resources, and guidance, allowing “Anyone who wants to study CII qualifications can, regardless of their circumstances or what kind of learner they are.”

In the interview, Sam discusses other projects she has launched to attract talent, including the courses we offer, which help people navigate the insurance industry and achieve their training and certification goals. She also talks about the awards she and the company have won and how she sees herself as an individual, saying, I pride myself on understanding things and explaining them simply, then that openness and accessibility feeds into everything we do.”

The interview with Sam is insightful, providing valuable information on the power of social media and attracting talent to the insurance industry. To read the full interview, check out the link below: