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“My Underwriting team has a real mix of personalities and working styles. The SDI session has really helped us understand each other and made my communication with my team a lot more effective. The trainer’s pragmatic approach and understanding of what we do made the session relevant. I did not expect to gain so much from one morning.”

– Underwriting Manager

“Samantha hosted the SDI course for our Global Terrorism strategy day. Underwriters from the London team as well as our international offices came to take part. Samantha organised the training day very well and was extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of it. She coached individuals on the results and what it meant to them and their daily jobs. The whole global team was extremely impressed, and I would recommend this course which has been highly beneficial to everyone that took part.”

– Senior Underwriter

“The coaching sessions helped me to gain a clear sense of purpose enabling me to focus my efforts on what matters most to reach my potential”

– Reinsurance Underwriting Manager

“I experience the coaching environment as a great place to bring business related problems whilst transitioning into my new role and managing a new team. I was able to explore challenges that have been whizzing around my head for a while by bringing them to the table and discussing honestly with my coach.”

– Underwriting Manager

“The attendees really enjoyed the Personal Branding course delivered by Empower Development and have taken a great deal away with them to use in their professional networks both internally and across the market.”

– Learning and Development Business Partner, Lloyd’s Syndicate

“Sam is an extraordinary L&D and insurance professional. The courses she designs are creative, professional, fun and, most importantly, tailored to insurance professionals. Working together, I saw first-hand how engaged she was with helping people at all levels develop both personally and professionally using a blend of training, mentoring and coaching. I would recommend Sam to anyone looking to develop effective business skills in a credible, industry-specific way.”

– Learning and Development Manager

“I attended one of Empower Development’s training courses on the London Market. The trainer made the topic approachable and interesting and she was extremely knowledgeable. The training was delivered in a really engaging way and gave us a real in depth understanding of the area. I would definitely recommend Empower Development in the future.”

– Associate, City Law Firm

“Over the last six years Sam has been instrumental in my career progression.
When I first got to know Sam it became clear that she has an incredible passion for nurturing and developing talent and I feel enormously grateful to have benefitted from all of her encouragement, advice and support. Sam has ensured that I have pushed the boundaries of what I think I am capable of, and I have no doubt that my career would not be what it is today without her guidance.”

– Underwriting Manager

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