Insurance Promotion Coaching

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This 1:1 coaching programme has been designed to support those who are getting ready for a promotion or have recently progressed into a new position.

“I experience the coaching environment as a great place to bring business related problems whilst transitioning into my new role and managing a new team. I was able to explore challenges that have been whizzing around my head for a while by bringing them to the table and discussing honestly with my coach.”

– Reinsurance Underwriting Manager

Coaching Journey

Goal Setting

  • Expectations and competencies of the new role
  • Short and long term prioritises for the role
  • Transitional challenges


  • SWOT analysis against role expectations
  • Psychometric analysis of Strengths and Overdone Strengths
  • Identifying the organisations definition of success


  • Implementing actions for long-term success
  • Incorporating actions into a personalised development plan
  • Identifying challenges and support structure


The coaching programme is made up of six 1.5 hour coaching sessions which focused on enhancing critical skills and reflecting on challenges to support a smooth transition into the new role. Theories and tools will be incorporated throughout the sessions to provide additional support and actions will be set at the end of each session to allow opportunity to implement and reflect on observations.

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