Insurance Confidence Training

insurance confidence training london


This 1:1 coaching programme has been designed to support those who want to increase their perceived level of confidence through identifying and minimising their confidence barriers and incorporating techniques to illustrate confidence and influence in the workplace.

“The coaching sessions helped me to gain a clear sense of purpose enabling me to focus my efforts on what matters most to reach my potential.”

– Reinsurance Underwriting Manager

Coaching Journey

Goal Setting

  • Identify personal barriers to projecting confidence
  • Imposture Syndrome factors
  • Exploring current situation and individual aspirations


  • Reflect on current image and values
  • Psychometric analysis
  • Impact of Body language and vocal on perceived confidence
  • Level of influence and areas for growth


  • Implementing actions for long-term success
  • Incorporating actions into a personalised development plan
  • Identifying challenges and support structure


The coaching programme is made up of four 1.5 hour coaching sessions which focused on supporting the individuals perceived level of confidence and influence. Theories and tools will be incorporated throughout the sessions to provide additional support and actions will be set at the end of each session to allow opportunity to implement and reflect on observations.

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