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Unconscious Bias and Belonging (Virtual Classroom)

This course has been designed to help you better understand the mental shortcuts that lead us to snap judgments about those around us. Together, we will work to challenge our most common unconscious biases to improve decision making and professional relationships, and to create more open, inclusive and effective organisations. Using a series examples, interactive activities and self-reflection exercises the course takes a practical and action orientated approach to tackle one of the most prevalent issues in diversity management

This a live session run in a virtual classroom with one of our tutors

  • Understand what unconscious bias is and why we all have them.
  • Identify the types of unconscious bias that can exist in the workplace and beyond.
  • Learn what your biases are and how you can start to challenge them.
  • Recognise the impact micro behaviours can have on you, your colleagues, and your organisation at large.
  • Build an action plan for how you can start to dismantle bias in your organisation and foster a greater feeling of belonging

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29 March 2023 10:00 am
1 x 2 hour session