Leto – The Maternity Returners Programme

Women leaders improve financial performance metrics. They de-risk firm performance, and improve CSR and ESG. Firms with a higher proportion of women on their boards also tend to invest more in innovation and be more innovative¹.

Yet companies are investing in talented women only to lose them before they reach senior management levels. This gender based brain-drain is causing a shortage of women at board level. Returning to work after the birth of a child is a critical time in a woman’s career, and it is also a peak period for women to leave jobs, companies and even careers.

In a survey of >1,000 women (72% of whom were at management level or above) less than 18% felt happy and confident about returning to work. Lack of organisational support was so damaging that 37% considered handing in their notice².

So what if we could do something differently?

¹ The Business Case For Women In Leadership (forbes.com)
² MMB Magazine, 2018 (Reported by CIPD)

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Leto is a hybrid programme of workshops, coaching, networking and information sharing for women returning to work after maternity leave. The programme, which is specifically targeted at insurance professionals, is designed to:

  • Educate and empower
    Underpinned by psychological and coaching methodologies, we provide participants with insights to increase self-awareness, reframe challenges and identify solutions.
  • Support and celebrate
    The challenges facing parents returning to work after the birth of a child are immense. Furthermore, studies show that, even in couples who think that they have achieved an equal division of labour, the more hidden forms of care generally end up falling to the woman³. We provide a safe space for honest dialogue and practical tools to support mothers navigating the new challenges they face (whether first child, or the added complexity of new siblings).
  • Create community
    At the heart of the programme is a network of like-minded professional working women who can support each other to effectively reintegrate into the world of work – in a way that works for them.

³ Daminger, A., 2019. The Cognitive Dimension of Household Labour. American Sociological Review.

By investing in, and supporting maternity returners in a tangible and genuine way, businesses can increase performance and reduce attrition of this key demographic. As a consequence, they can also demonstrate a practical example of their commitments to EDI, ESG, Gender Pay and a multitude of other strategic goals.

Beth Amaro

The programme is delivered by former Head of HR and Executive Coach, Beth Amaro who has 15+ years experience in the International Insurance market. Beth brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience of returning to a senior role as a working mother.

Programme Outline

The programme offers three options:

BRONZE – £1,295
8 x 1.5hr Workshops
2 of which are face-to-face

SILVER – £2,500
8 x 1.5hr Workshops
3 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions

GOLD – £3,450
8 x 1.5hr Workshops
6 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions

The Coaching component of the programme is a powerful way of enabling participants to delve into their specific circumstances and to reflect on their approach to  working life as a mother – what is working & what is not. Participants are empowered to optimise professional performance while finding balance and fulfilment.


  1. Identity and belonging
  2. Self-care and maintaining energy
  3. Working patterns: making them work
  4. Re-establishing and effectively communicating career goals
  5. The mental: physical link
  6. Establishing your support network
  7. Setting boundaries to avoid burnout
  8. Microaggressions and assumptions


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Leto is the Greek God of Motherhood!

This is a roll-on, roll-off programme (i.e. participants don’t need to start with the first workshop, they can be done in any order). The ideal time to join is around the time of returning from maternity (or around a month before). But it will also work for people who have been back to work for up to 6 months.

Of the 8 workshops, two are face to face in the City of London. The remainder are online.

Yes! The programme is open to people of all genders. While the content has been designed around mothers, we believe all returning parents would find benefit in the topics discussed.

Yes absolutely. One of the big benefits of the programme is the network it creates. We don’t believe that needs to be constrained to one place. It is just the two face-to-face workshops that require people to be physically in London.

Yes, absolutely. The programme is designed to support participants in the challenges of returning to work with a young family. It is intended to welcome, and provide a safe space for, people with all variety of birth or adoption experiences.

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