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Empower Development offers to support insurance professionals develop and progress in their careers.

A key area of development is insurance knowledge and technical understanding which is supported and evidenced through the completion of CII qualifications. CII exams are run by the Chartered Insurance Institute, an internationally recognised organisation whose certification is sought after by both new entrants and industry professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Our M05 Online Revision Course covers one of, if not, the most complex topics included in the CII examinations – Insurance Law.

Insurance Law (M05)

The laws that govern the insurance industry form the background of insurance operations. This course provides candidates the much-needed knowledge and context for these laws. These lessons will help candidates apply these laws in practical situations in the future.

  • The unit explores the legal personality, how the legal system works, and the general legal principles in the insurance industry. The law of torts is also examined while looking into civil wrongs including negligence, trespass and nuisance. This is especially important in understanding liability insurance.
  • The course examines the law of agency, which is sometimes also considered part of the law of contract. Since the majority of insurance policies are sold through different types of agents, this is also integral in understanding the nature of the industry.
  • The law of insurance contracts is also tackled. The course looks into how contracts come into force and how its different parts operate. The two main special legal principles are examined – insurable interest and utmost good faith.
  • Finally, the course examines losses and insurance claims. It specifically looks at the legal rules that cover the duties of the insured, what happens when the insured makes a claim, how loss is measured, and how insurers may tap into other entities or resources to share the loss.

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