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LM2 Insurance Course Online

Empower Development offers LM2 online insurance course as part of our comprehensive selection of online courses for insurance professionals. Available to download onto your phone or laptop an view anytime, anywhere or as a series of 90 minute live sessions.

The unit builds on the principles learned in unit LM1, which will cover additional topics and subject areas and enable participants to develop a wider understanding of insurance practice in the London market.

CII Qualification

The LM2 or the London Market Insurance Principles and Practices is covered in one of the exams run by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), an internationally recognised body trusted by entrants, long-time industry professionals and market leaders. Enrolling in this course will help you obtain LM2 qualification, which will be equivalent to 15 CII credits (Certificate Level).

London Market Insurance Principles and Practices (LM2): Overview

The LM2 course provides participants with a more comprehensive understanding of the processes and practices conducted in the London Insurance Market. It builds on the fundamentals laid out in the first London Market Insurance Essentials course – LM1. The LM2 course delves deeper into many of the concepts introduced in LM1.

The course tackles the different factors that influence the popularity of the London Market for insurance. It also looks at the different risks present in the market. In line with this, the course discusses the many regulations that affect the participants in the market.

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Whatever your schedule might look like, we offer bite-size 90-minute courses to help you get through the material at your own pace as well as our on-demand courses available to download. This can help you plan your curricula as you build up your knowledge and skills for the insurance industry.

The registration process using our website is incredibly simple and straightforward. With just a couple of clicks, you can choose which courses to sign up for and how it can fit into your schedule.

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