Introduction to Insurance Certification

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Insurance courses to elevate your career

Empower Development provides a complete training solution for young professionals starting a career in insurance. Take our insurance courses to build your skills and knowledge in a stress-free environment.

The learning objectives of our insurance courses are guided by real-life scenarios that take your education to the next level so you can achieve your training and certification goals faster. Our team of experienced trainers covers everything you need to adapt quickly to the fast-paced world of insurance.

In addition to technical and soft insurance skills training, you gain access to one-to-one coaching and team building events. You also gain valuable networking opportunities with your peers.

Simulations for insurance courses

Some individuals undergo insurance courses just to pass their certification, then they promptly forget about what they learn. At Empower Development, however, we make sure you can recall and retain everything you learn from our courses so you can apply them throughout your career. This is possible through simulations.

Simulations are a refreshing and collaborative introduction to different aspects of insurance. These simulations test your knowledge through real-life examples instead of theoretical models that don’t give you a comprehensive picture of a given situation. Our team offers three types of simulations tailored to insurance education.

This is an impactful way of learning insurance skills and building professional relationships at the same time.

Our expert trainers have decades of insurance experience. We can meet you anywhere you’re at in your career and create simulations that help you pick up new skills and get to the next level of your profession. These simulations are available to individuals and organisations. Sign up today.

Select a course to increase your knowledge

At Empower Development, we love helping insurance professionals achieve their training and certification goals as quickly as possible. Our team does this by making insurance courses as fun and memorable as possible.

If you’re just getting started in your first insurance role, or when you need to develop a bespoke training program for your team, our courses will help you reach your goals. Get in touch with us to discover how we can help you.

Introduction to Insurance Courses


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