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Insurance Courses in Whitechapel

Empower Development offers insurance courses in Whitechapel for all levels. Our training courses cover all aspects of insurance, from key market principles to the legal framework surrounding insurance contracts. Facilitated by qualified instructors, our technical and personal effectiveness training courses feature real-world scenarios and case studies.

Technical Insurance Training

With our technical insurance training courses, students can gain a thorough understanding of insurance functions and regulation, risk management, and the claims and underwriting decision processes. We strive to help professionals confidently serve their customers and learn how insurance shapes society and the economy.

Our technical courses cover the following topics:

  • Insurance and Reinsurance
  • History of Lloyd’s
  • Claims Handling and Best Practices
  • Delegated Authority
  • Introduction to Underwriting
  • Portfolio Management

Professionals can also benefit from our experiential learning offerings delivered through the following simulations:

  • Morotania – Managing an Insurance organisation – Introductory
  • Reinsurance Simulation – Intermediate level
  • Underwriting DNA – Intermediate level

CII Exam Preparations

We offer the following courses and revision resources designed to help you prepare for the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) examination:

  • M05 Revision Support
  • M92 Revision Support
  • IF1 Revision Support
  • IF3 Revision Support
  • IF4 Revision Course
  • I10 Revision Course
  • LM1 Revision Support
  • LM2 Revision Support
  • LM3 Revision Support

Flexible Training Options

Our training options can be customised to fit your individual goals and schedules. We offer one-hour sessions, lunch and learn events and month-long programmes.

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Once you’ve provided your personal details and completed your registration, expect to receive an email with all your course details and other announcements.

Accelerate your insurance career now

Empower Development strives to help insurance practitioners get certified and take their career to the next level. We use interactive tools and audiovisual content to enhance knowledge retention and ensure key learning outcomes are met.

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