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Insurance Courses in Spitalfields

Be a Top Insurance Agent with Our Insurance Courses in Spitalfields

Start your journey to becoming an insurance professional with Empower Development. Our insurance courses in Spitalfields provide the fundamentals for a rewarding career as an insurance agent, underwriter or financial manager.

You don’t need to have a finance degree or previous experience in this industry to sign up for our classes. As long as you’re driven to learn and thrive in this industry, you’ll find great value in our classes.

Courses We Offer

Create an account with Empower Development and gain access to various courses:

  • Insurance and Reinsurance
  • History of Lloyd’s
  • Claims Handling and Best Practices
  • Introduction to Underwriting
  • Portfolio Management
  • Delegated Authority

Each of these courses can add to your career toolkit. They cover technical concepts that will be very useful in your everyday work, helping to increase your knowledge and sharpen your skills in selling, underwriting and managing your clients’ insurance subscriptions.

Join Classes to Review for the CII Exams

The Chartered Insurance Institute is the largest professional body that represents people who work in insurance in the UK and abroad. It aims to build the public’s trust for the insurance sector by setting the standards for stellar insurance products and services.

Passing the CII exams is a merit that’s recognised internationally. It is a technical and supervisory qualification that will no doubt benefit your career in the long run.

Increase your chances of passing the exam by signing up for our CII examination courses at Empower Development.

Quick and Easy Registration

It’s so easy to sign up and join an insurance course in Spitalfields. You’ll find quick links to the courses here on our website. Click on one, book a course and join our mailing list to receive updates about the course and your schedule.

If you want to push through, simply provide your personal information to complete your registration. Expect an email with the course details and study materials afterwards.

Flexible Training Schedules

The format of our insurance courses allows participants to schedule a session at their leisure. This is to accommodate participants who are often busy with work and other responsibilities. You may join the scheduled sessions or sneak in training or two during lunch and learns

Empowerment in the Insurance Industry

As with any career path, you need to have the requisite skills and knowledge to walk your first few steps in this industry. The courses we offer can give you the fundamentals of becoming an insurance professional.

Sign up now for our insurance courses in Spitalfields.

Insurance Courses in Spitalfields


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