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Insurance Courses in Brick Lane

Are you looking for an easy, fun, and effective way to learn about the insurance market in London? Try our insurance courses in Brick Lane. We provide a comprehensive overview of the insurance market in the capital with everything from big picture courses, to courses focusing on regulatory minutiae.

All of our courses have been meticulously crafted to optimise retention and maximise understanding. Thousands of individuals have used our courses as a springboard to successful completion of the CII exams, and you can too.

The insurance courses in Brick Lane you’ve been looking for

Samantha Ridgewell and Grace Maxted started Empower Development to fill a pressing need for well-crafted courses that would help people prepare for the CIIs. Both Samantha and Grace are ACII training professionals who made a commitment to helping others gain a foothold in the UK insurance industry.

Using their own experience as a guide, and in consultation with education professionals, they devised an array of courses that will help you achieve your goal regardless of your area of focus. Those courses include:

  • London Market Insurance Essentials
  • London Market Insurance Principles and Practices
  • Insurance Law
  • Household Insurance Products
  • General Insurance Business
  • Underwriting Practice
  • Risk Management in Insurance
  • And more…

We’re here to help

In-person training has its place but sometimes you need to be able to stop, rewind and go over something a few times in order to digest it. That’s especially true when it comes to things like insurance law and practices. Our Brick Lane online insurance courses allow you to do just that.

And just to show how committed we are to your success we also provide practice exam questions that enable you to gauge your level of comprehension as you proceed through each course.

Position yourself to succeed

What you do when you actually sit for the CIIs will be up to you. But by taking our insurance courses you can rest easy knowing you have positioned yourself to succeed. To learn more about our slew of innovative insurance courses call 0208 191 0920 or write to us at:

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