Insurance Courses in Blackfriars

Virtual Online Courses

Study for your CII exams anytime, anywhere, with our brand new and exclusive virtual online courses.

Insurance Courses in Blackfriars

Start a Career in Insurance with our Technical and CII Training Courses

Fulfill your goal of becoming a successful insurance professional with Empower Development’s online insurance training courses in Blackfriars.

Created to accommodate even people with basic insurance knowledge, our courses will give you the tools and knowledge you need to become an effective insurance agent. We also offer courses to help you train for the CII exams.

Become the pride of your company and earn the trust and confidence of your clients through Empower Development.

Technical Training and the Topics Covered

Every insurance professional needs to master the fundamentals such as insurance compliance, the different kinds of insurance products.

We offer courses that cover the following:

  • Insurance and Reinsurance
  • History of Lloyd’s
  • Claims Handling and Best Practices
  • Introduction to Underwriting
  • Portfolio Management
  • Delegated Authority

Apart from virtual instruction, you can also get hands-on training through simulations for reinsurance and underwriting.

Training for CII Examinations

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) is the largest professional body for insurance and financial planning agents in the UK and abroad. To fulfil its charter of gaining the public’s trust and confidence in the insurance sector, the CII sets global standards for “competence, integrity and care for the customer.”

Passing the CII exams and certifications will empower you to have a long and rewarding career in this industry.

Easy Enrollment, Flexible Training Schedules

We want to make our courses as accessible as possible to anyone interested in becoming an insurance professional.

Our website provides quick links to all insurance courses and classes available at Empower Development. In just a few clicks, you can register and access the online materials for the classes you’re interested in.

Best of all, we designed our courses such that you can begin whenever you want and complete them at your own pace.

Flexible schedules, easy-to-follow material, quality training from industry veterans — you can enjoy all of these through Empower Development’s insurance training courses in Blackfriars.

Empowering Insurance Professionals

Whether you are new to the industry or not, our training courses can give you lots of learning opportunities. Sharpen your selling skills, learn about insurance regulations, and find out how to manage the business side of things through Empower Development.

Sign up to our online classes today.

Insurance Courses in Blackfriars


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