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Study for your CII exams anytime, anywhere, with our brand new and exclusive virtual online courses.

Insurance Courses in Angel

At Empower Development we’re all about relieving the stress that’s so often associated with studying for your CII exams by providing simple, effective and fun revision classes and materials. Our courses paint a clear picture of the London insurance market covering everything from the broad strokes to the highlights.

If you’re looking for affordable, convenient insurance courses in Angel, London we have everything you need. Over the years we have helped thousands of people pass their CII exams and we can help you too.

Online Insurance Courses in Angel

It’s our sincere belief that there’s no reason that CII exam preparation has to be an interminable slog. In fact, experience tells us that it can actually be a fun, enjoyable process. That’s the approach we take when designing our online insurance courses and it’s one that our customers appreciate mightily.

We put our more than 25 years of combined experience to work to craft revision courses that cover the essential information you need to know in a way that promotes retention and expands your understanding of the relevant concepts and regulations.

Our online insurance courses cover the entire spectrum of topics related to the London insurance market, including:

  • London Market Insurance Essentials
  • London Market Insurance Principles and Practices
  • Risk Management in Insurance
  • Insurance Legal and Regulatory
  • General Insurance Business
  • Household Insurance Products
  • Insurance Broking Practice
  • Marketing Insurance Products and Services
  • Motor Insurance
  • And much more…

Convenient Affordable Revision Solutions

With our online insurance courses in Angel, you can study from the safety and comfort of your home at your own pace. There’s no need to trudge out to a distant classroom where you’ll be just another seat warmer trying to keep up with the instructor.

If you need to go back over a point before moving on just rewind the video. If you want to gauge your progress at any time, just take advantage of our exam practice questions.

Give Yourself the Best Chance for Success

Everything you need to succeed in your CII exams is here along with copious support materials and clear, concise instruction designed by ACII qualified professionals. So don’t wait. Sign up today.

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