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IF3 Insurance Online Revision Course

Empower Development provides insurance professionals with extensive knowledge and understanding of the role of underwriting in the insurance business. Our IF3 Insurance Online Revision Course gets you ready for your IF3 exam and covers relevant topics such as identification, assessment and acceptance of risk, rating and important financial factors. We will explore underwriting procedures and tackle particular underwriting considerations suitable to the main classes of general insurance business.

This course is available to access anytime, anywhere, on-demand through your phone, tablet or laptop.

Students can expect to gain a clearer understanding of the structure and content of policy wordings, basics of premium payment, main aspects of rating, and renewal and cancellation processes. In addition, the course highlights the developments in related products and services and the rules on managing the underwriting account.

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Insurance Underwriting Process (IF3)

It is the job of the underwriter to evaluate risks and decide whether or not to accept the risk. If the risk is accepted, the underwriter will determine the terms, conditions, and scope of cover to be offered alongside the appropriate premium.

Our IF3 Insurance Online Revision Course explores the basics of exposure management and main ‘support’ type insurance services. It also tackles the material circumstances and insurance policies in relation to the insurance underwriting process. Additionally, students will learn about personal and commercial insurance, principles and practices of pricing, and renewals and cancellation procedures.

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if3 insurance online revision course


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