Insurance Career Planning & Development

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This 1:1 coaching programme has been designed to support those looking to clarify their career goals and help maximise performance.

The coaching conversations provide a crucial opportunity to reflect on one’s performance, image and exposure whilst identifying ways they can adapt to tackle challenges and reach meaningful objectives.

‘My coach ensured that I pushed the boundaries of what I think I am capable of, and I have no doubt that my career would not be what it is today without her guidance.’
– Underwriting Manager

Coaching Journey

Goal Setting

  • Exploring ambitions
  • Defining success
  • Short-term career goals
  • Long-term vision


  • Psychometric analysis
  • Maximising strengths
  • Areas of development
  • Communication style


  • Implementation
  • Development plan
  • Career aspirations
  • Maintaining resilience


The coaching programme is made up of six 1.5 hour coaching sessions working focusing on areas which are prioritised by the individual. Theories and tools will be incorporated throughout the sessions to provide additional support and actions will be set at the end of each session to allow opportunity to implement and reflect on observations.

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